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New to blackjack?

If you are a newcomer to online blackjack you will have to learn all its main aspects first: blackjack rules, tips to follow and blackjack variations to choose the best one in the online casinos.

First Steps

Blackjack online basic strategy will be among your first steps to becoming a real online blackjack professional in future: it was developed by experts to increase your chances for winning.

For Future Counter

Card counting strategy is a must-know for every blackjack player because it is the basement for all counting systems used by professionals to beat casinos at online blackjack and real tables.

Discover the Best Online Blackjack Strategies to Win

With the abundance of the games which can be played today at online casino, choice of the only one can become a challenge. Rules and game styles are all different, and what is good for one player can be absolutely unacceptable for another. That is why, when you just start to play at gambling house you need to make yourself clear about all of the games that you can play. At this particular website, we devote our attention to blackjack, game that has been played at traditional casinos for years, and today is presented in modern forms of gambling, that include online and mobile casinos. You can to see different options which can be useful for you when you play online.

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Number of players has grown and today we can count thousands, even millions of them. Of course, not all of the blackjack players are successful, only some of them have reached popularity and recognition. The best ever blackjack players are listed in the Blackjack Hall of Fame, and in 2014 the number of players is 20. Usually each year a new member is added, though in 2004 and 2005 two players became members of Hall of Fame, and names of 7 players were added in 2002 when the Hall of Fame just appeared. All of the professional blackjack players dream about becoming a member of this organization. In order to achieve this, player must make a great contribution to the game (create new variations that receive popularity among other gamblers, develop new working blackjack strategies, etc.).

Struggling to become one of the best blackjack gamblers is a good idea, but it will also be great to play blackjack just for fun, improving your skills and game knowledge to win more. As this game is not like online pokies real money or roulette where you should just guess the number that wins, blackjack has a perfect field for investigation and building money-bringing strategies while playing. This idea first came to the minds of gamblers in mid XX century when the first strategies to play blackjack appeared. You will find no other game that has such a number of them, and any player can master each of them, and what is even more important, all players have equal rights to become professionals. Play at best site!

Strategies and Methods to Play Blackjack

Today the number of existing strategies for playing blackjack is rather big. As each of the players who devoted his life to blackjack games tries to bring something new to the way the game is played, with the run of time new strategies appear though not all of them deserve your attention. At the website you will find only best of them and no matter which you choose, it will lead you to the winnings. So here you will find real money casino australia the following ways of increasing odds in blackjack:

  1. Basic blackjack strategies:
    • Basic blackjack strategy for playing soft hands
    • Basic blackjack strategy for playing hard hands
    • Basic blackjack strategy for split pairs
  2. Card counting methods:
  • Group counting
  • KO count
  • Hi-Lo count
  • Hi-Opt I
  • Hi-Opt II
  • Zen count
  • Omega II
  • Red Seven
  • Uston count
  • Composition count

Before you start count cards in real games, we strongly recommend you to play free online blackjack games to master your skills, or just to play with your friends or other blackjack players. You should also implement blackjack basic strategy to know what action to choose – hit or stand. Remember, your decisions according the action determine the result of the game, so everything depends on you! You will be glad to know, that you can use blackjack chart even at real casinos! If you do not have one, you can download it from the internet or just buy at the land-based casino.

Here you will also find information about alternative ways of playing blackjack, such as shuffle tracking. Pay attention to the details of each of the method if you want the game favors you. Besides, you should work upon your personal qualities, such as ability to stay focused for a long period of time, ability to count quickly and keep emotions under control.

Online Casinos & Blackjack

Many of the players who make their first visit to online casinos are wondering whether the blackjack strategies can be used online. When you play roulette online for example, you may be sure that strategies that you use at traditional casinos are absolutely working online, but what about blackjack? Unfortunately, in most of the online gambling houses implementation of the card counting strategies is impossible as the deck is re-shuffled after each card dealing. However, you can find software that is developed specially for card counters (usually software of such type are used during online blackjack tournaments). Besides, playing online you still can use basic strategies, which increase your chances to win the game round dramatically.

Playing blackjack at online and traditional casinos, you get not only possibility to win a lot of money, but also have good time. Moreover, blackjack is game where you can use different resources to get a win, and if you do it, you develop yourself. You can get many positive emotions playing blackjack and moreover, you will see how great it is to have control over what you do. So let’s not waste our precious time and start play this fabulous game right now. Choose one of the online casinos from the list on HolyMolyCasinos in Canada and download software. Do not forget to use strategies from our website to promote better chances to win the game! See you soon.

Counters to Respect

They are called being blackjack gurus thanks to their significant input into blackjack's development: these people are great strategists who helped online blackjack to be the best.

MIT team

MIT blackjack team was the group of former students who used card counting and team play to beat casinos out of millions in 1990s; live blackjack was a profitable business for them.

Ken Uston

The real blackjack expert, inventor of some blackjack strategies, author of bestselling gambling books, master of disguise, member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame... It's all about him.

Basic Strategy

The rules to online blackjack in casino online are not very difficult to learn and remember; but it does not mean they are not significant at blackjack table: they will lead you to winning this game.

Basic Strategy

Blackjack basic strategy was developed for various types of online blackjack hands a gambler could get at the table. Read about the strategies for soft, hard hands and splitting pairs.


The following strategies are usually used by advanced blackjack players because the definite level of knowledge is needed for practicing them successfully at casinos.