Famous Blackjack Players: Ken Uston and MIT Team

BJ_playerIt would be not out of place to remember the names and achievements of some blackjack players who had made a major contribution to this game's development. Thanks to them different blackjack strategies became popular; moreover, some of them created their own strategies to beat blackjack and changed the history of blackjack as a result.

The names of these blackjack players are widely known today; all of them are also possible to find at the Blackjack Hall of Fame where they have been honored to be called real gurus of blackjack card game.

Ken Uston

He started his blackjack career being a member of Al Francesco's blackjack team: Ken Uston was very successful card counter and was able to win millions of dollars playing this game at different casinos more here Yes, he was banned from many casinos but, anyway, he continued visiting them using a disguise.

Uston is the author of bestselling blackjack books and the one who won the case against Atlantic casinos for the right of gamblers to use card counting while playing blackjack. Blackjack was his real passion and lifestyle, and Mr. Uston did everything in order to beat this game.

MIT Blackjack Team

The group of post-graduated students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology was very popular in 1990s and became a real nightmare of all land and online casinos. They used card counting and team play for beating blackjack and were very successful with that. All casinos said good bye to all their money if MIT blackjack team came to play there.

These guys won millions of dollars and, certainly, were banned from casinos one day. Nevertheless, even today they continue playing blackjack and use various blackjack strategies for this goal. Some members had written books about their MIT team where revealed all the secrets of its work. Today, MIT members take part in different blackjack tournaments.

Al Francesco

Al Francesco is deservedly called to be the father of blackjack team play because he was the first who gathered a blackjack team for winning this game for sure! He used card counting (it was Al Francesco actually, who taught Ken Uston how to count cards) and the concept of "Big Player".

Thanks to Ken Uston, Al Francesco and his blackjack team were banned from casinos: Mr. Uston had published a book where he revealed all the secrets of Francesco's work. Today, Al Francesco is the member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, and he is called to be a blackjack guru together with 6 more blackjack experts.

Tommy Hyland

Tommy Hyland is one more blackjack expert and the member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame who has his own blackjack team: he trains all its members by himself and does all administrative work too. The blackjack team of Tommy Hyland always beats casinos out of big money thanks to such blackjack strategies as card counting, key-carding, big player and computer play.

Tommy Hyland has been running his blackjack team for 30 years already, and this fact makes him to be the most successful gambling manager.

Blackjack Strategist

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