Blackjack Secrets: Winning Tips to Follow

In the world of gambling every game has its own secrets; and the task of players is to reveal all of them in order to have more chances for winning. Well, blackjack secrets seem to be obvious for those gamblers who know them; but even if you are a new comer, it will not be difficult for you to remember and use them.


Usually, all online casinos have free blackjack for gamblers to practice. Do not ignore such an opportunity to play blackjack and become more skillful: it is always better to try something than just read and think that everything is so easy to understand and remember.

Money management!

The main principle here is to know when to stop and how much money to use. Determine at once how much money you are ready to spend for blackjack and never exceed this sum even if you want to do that! Such a strategy helps you to reduce your losses and plan your bets.

Choose a right table!

Choose the table where blackjack is played with the less number of card decks and where the minimum bet is in about 5% of your bankroll. Here you can save more money and have more chances to win. It is better to win step by step than lose everything at once.

Use ONLY basic strategy!

Blackjack strategies should be known by every blackjack gambler: your task is to learn it by heart and use it every time when you play blackjack. Blackjack is the game of skill, not luck, so, the intuition does not work here, only mathematics.

Do not take insurance!

Insurance is a rather strange additional option for a blackjack player, and usually it does not work for you if you are not a card counter. So, do not be in a hurry to use it every time when you think a dealer has Blackjack: this bet gives you nothing except your original bet.

Do not split 10's and face cards!

The blackjack secrets here are the following: do not split 10's and face cards! So, never do that if you have a pair of them. You are welcome to split Aces (you can count them both as 1 or 11) and 8's - the best variants for splitting pairs.

Remember when to hit or stand!

Always stand on hard 17 and hit soft 18! If a dealer has 9 - double your 10! Double the hand of 11!

Do not forget to tip a dealer!

Do not be greedy and leave some tips for your dealer! Yes, it will show you as being a nice and polite person first of all, but it is also a guarantee that you'll have a friendly dealer. It is always pleasant to gamble with a friendly dealer; moreover, s/he can shuffle the cards in a way you need afterwards.

Blackjack Strategist

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Here you'll find all main aspects of blackjack basics and land games a player should know to play blackjack.

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