Card Counting Strategy for Winning at Blackjack

This strategy is the most popular and workable one for beating blackjack, and all blackjack players use it for winning this game. Blackjack card counting strategy is based on mathematical principles but it is not difficult for gamblers to use it because it does not demand any extra knowledge of mathematics from them.

Today many card counting systems had been created and developed by experts, and the most of them are positive ones. So, how to count cards at blackjack?

How to Count

The main principle of card counting at blackjack is to keep track of every card from a blackjack shoe. You do not have to remember all cards which have been dealt from a shoe and which of them are still there: everything needed is to add or subtract 1 every time when you see a dealt card. How does it work?

You start counting with 0. Remember, that low cards increase your chances and high cards increase the chances of a dealer; that is why every time when a low card is dealt from a shoe, you add 1 point to 0, 3_7_A and every time when a high card is dealt - you subtract 1 point: the more points you have - the more your chances are, and you are welcome to increase your bets!

  • Low cards: 2's - 6's (are counted as +1)
  • High cards: 10's - Aces (are counted as -1)
  • Neutral cards: 7's-9's (are counted as 0)

There was the period when card counting was considered to be the method of cheating at blackjack and prohibited to use by gamblers at casinos. Thanks to Ken Uston, who proved the opposite fact, we have a chance to use this strategy without problems today: gamblers use only their brains and memory when use this technique, so, nothing illegal can be noticed here.


Here you are welcome to read the information concerning the most popular card counting systems and choose the best one for yourself to play and win blackjack. Playing at Online casinos involving all of them were used and checked by gamblers many times, so the fact they really work is beyond any doubts.

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