Chip Tricks Performed During Poker Game

You can spice up a casino table game using chip tricks you can perform during a poker game. There are different chip tricks that you perform while playing, so you can impress your family and friends during your poker game. These tricks are not designed to improve your skill in poker, but to keep you entertained as you wait for the next hand. These tricks became popular right after the famous World Poker Tour as players in this tournament are doing these tricks on TV. Famous player like Antonio Esfandiari has helped to make chip tricks popular. He is known as a talented chip trick player. Chip tricks are very easy for him because of his background as magician. Of course prior to paying attention to these tricks you should learn the rules of poker hand rankings and other basics.

As you perform a chip trick while on the game, then it can also give some advantage as other players will think that you are an expert poker player.

Shuffle poker chips

This is the very first trick that players can learn. Once you find out how it is done, then you cannot help not to shuffle your chips while playing the game.

Poker chip snap

This is one of the easiest tricks to master. This is a very fun trick to do and can distract your opponents concentration in the game. It is better if you can make the chip snap louder to disturb other players.

Chip Flip

You need to hold three chips and flip the first chip in line to the back. Not a very showy trick, but it can add flair on your game right before you place three-chip bet.


This is a hard trick to do, but it is cool trick to learn. In case you saw a player doing this trick at the table, then you need to be very cautious as he or she deals.

Front to Back

You can do this by holding 3 to 5 chips sideways on your hand, then move the front chip to the back. You can start using 4 chips, but you can use more than 5 chips. You need to hold all chips using all your fingers, excluding your pinky. It is important to hold other chip firmly. Some choose to hold more chips because it is easier to grip it firmly if you are holding stack of chips.

Chip Twirl

You need to hold three chips at the edge using all fingers excluding the pinky finger. Use your thumb and the index finger to lift the two chips outside and leave the chip in the middle. To separate the middle chip from the two outside chips, you can lower the middle while you lift the two outside chips. Rotate the bottom chip using the middle finger while you balance the chip using your pinky finger. Once the bottom chip has been rotated, slide the outside chips around the chip at the middle. Its sounds complicated, but through practice you can surely master this trick.

Chip tricks are exciting to learn even if you are not an avid poker player. If you are a player, then it helps you get an advantage.

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