Progressive Blackjack Features

Progressive blackjack rules are the same as in original blackjack rules, and players play the same way with one little difference - like in the blackjack perfect pairs there is a special bet. There can be a place for a special bet on the blackjack table in progressive blackjack. Or there can be no such place, and players put their bets along with their game bets to the original betting place. For this game four 52-card decks and a shoe are usually used. Dealer shuffles the decks after each game.

In the progressive blackjack the dealer always stands on 17s and hits 16s. Splitting is allowed, but if the player splits aces he\she can receive only one more card for each hand.

So what is the main idea of the progressive blackjack? It is a JACKPOT! At the beginning of each game the players can put a 1$ as a side bet in attempt to win it! Do you know what the jackpot means? If you played some of the other games, which offer it as an ultimate winning, than you know that jackpot is a huge amount of money which is paid off if the player wins special bet or hits special combination. Progressive jackpot if one of the integral parts of each casino - it is a sum of % of all bets made within one game at different table. This sum is constantly raising! Blackjack has a little bit different approach to jackpots and terms of their payouts. Find them below

The Jackpot

If you are interested in how to win a jackpot in progressive blackjack here we will explain to you the payouts of progressive blackjack's jackpot:

100% of JACKPOT - four aces of the same suit

10% of jackpot - 4 aces of any suit

$2500 - 3 aces of the same suit

$250 - 3 aces of any suit

$50 - 2 aces of the same suit

$25 - 2 aces of any suit.

It is almost like playing lottery and blackjack at the same time!

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