Blackjack Best Strategies: Shuffle Tracking

It would be not out of place to learn one more blackjack strategy which is believed to be a very profitable one though it is not so easy to understand and use. Shuffle tracking has been originated from card counting strategy but it differs a bit: if you use shuffle tracking, you should be not only a good card counter and have a good memory; you should be very attentive, be able to concentrate and have a keen eye for sure!

Using shuffle tracking can be a real challenge for card counters; this is the strategy for experienced blackjack players and new comers will not be able to use it if they have just begun playing blackjack and understanding the main points of this game.

Shuffle Tracking is one of the Blackjack Best Strategies that can be used when playing Blackjack. This type of Blackjack strategy is based on tracking clumps of high cards through a series of rounds, giving players an advantage over the house. Shuffle tracking can be done while playing Blackjack at any online casino, such as sites like betonline, as well as other Blackjack card rooms. This Blackjack Strategy requires close attention and a keen eye for patterns, allowing for a smarter way to use card counting techniques. With some practice and patience, Shuffle Tracking can be an effective Blackjack strategy for winning Blackjack games.

What is It?

When you sit at blackjack table, count cards and understand that almost all low cards have been already dealt, it is a high time to make a choice: to increase your bet or not (because only high cards are left in a shoe). And here the main problem appears: how to "see" where exactly in a shoe those high cards are: on the top or at the bottom of a shoe to be sure when exactly you have a chance to get them.

card_dealerHow to do that? To watch a shuffling process carefully, be very concentrated and attentive. The strategy here is to find a simple way of shuffling. For example, if a dealer does not use any special devices for shuffling and just split the cards up and shuffle them, you are able to predict the following fact: the cards which were in a pile will be in the same pile for the next round.

Another variant: ask a dealer to let you cut the deck. Usually, it is not prohibited and other players will not be against of it. Your task here is to cut cards in a way the bottom of a deck is on the top.

Well, in general, shuffle tracking helps you to predict whether high cards are on the top of a shoe or at the bottom.

Shuffle Tracking Types

1. Ace Sequencing. The point is to predict where an Ace in a shoe is: if you can locate an Ace when you cut a deck, you can predict when it will appear.

2. Slug Tracking. A player tries to cut a bunch of cards from a deck where low or high cards appear; when you cut some certain cards during a play you can change the arrangement of cards in a deck.

3. Ten Steering. It is the same with Ace Sequencing actually but you look for 10's instead of Aces here: you should make these 10's to be a dealer's ones in order to make him/her bust.

The disadvantage of shuffle tracking is the fact you will not be able to use it while playing online blackjack: you will not see the way how a dealer shuffles the cards and you will not be able to change it anyway. Moreover, online casinos always shuffle cards after each round of blackjack card game.

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