Blackjack Strategies: The Basic One to Use

If you want to beat blackjack card game you need something more than just luck: blackjack is the game of skills and it is based on mathematics. What does it mean? It means that good blackjack strategies can increase your chances for winning and decrease the house advantage greatly.

Basic blackjack betting strategy is a mathematical system: special charts have been developed by experts and computer devices for both single deck and multiple deck blackjack; everything a gambler should do is to know them by heart and use them properly.

Basic Strategy Charts

Edward Thorp was that person who created the first variation of basic blackjack strategies we have and use now. He had done that in 1962 and the main principle of that strategy was not the fact of complete casino beating but house edge decreasing: Mr. Thorp determined when a gambler should hit or stand during blackjack game, when s/he should split or double down.


A special blackjack basic strategy chart had been created where all possible blackjack hands variations were shown and which showed players all steps to do: the left vertical column showed the hand of a player and the up horizontal column showed the hand of a dealer, operator providing player-friendly features. Everything a gambler should do is to put two lines together and see the right step to do (all of them are shown in abbreviations).

But remember, that such charts do not guarantee you a winning: they just show you a mathematical decision you'd be better to take for every blackjack hand. In online casinos it is a basis of more complicated strategies which are always learnt and used by professional blackjack players.

Basic Blackjack Strategies for Different Blackjack Hands

Three variations of blackjack hands can be found and each of them presumes the definite strategy to use:

A soft hand is a blackjack hand where an Ace can be counted as 11 without busting.

A hard hand is a blackjack hand where an Ace can be counted only as 1 because a hand will bust otherwise. Hard hand is also one, where there is no Ace.

Splitting pair is a blackjack hand of two identical cards (two 7's, two 8's etc.) which a player can use for splitting and gambling with 2 different hands as a result.

Depending on a blackjack hand you have, you will use different blackjack strategies: they do not differ much but presume some definite steps which a gambler should use if s/he wants to increase chances for winning.

Blackjack Strategist

Thanks to modern technologies, blackjack online becomes more and more popular today; every gambler has a chance to check himself playing this game both for free and real money.

Here you'll find all main aspects of blackjack basics and land games a player should know to play blackjack.

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