Perfect Pairs - Game Details

Perfect Pairs blackjack uses the same principals as in standard blackjack rules, only with an additional place on the blackjack table for a special bet. A special place on the blackjack table for a side bet in perfect pairs is not obligatory, and players can put this bet along with the bet for a game to the original betting place. This bet allows to increase the winning while you are playing traditional blackjack game.

When the player places this special bet he\she states that the first two cards that will be dealt to him\her will be a pair. The game continues and the player that placed a special bet can win twice: if the dealer dealt him a pair, and if he won by the original blackjack rules.

Special bet must be stated before the cards are dealt, and cannot be changed or doubled down during the game.

Essential Difference - Side Bet

So what is the best side bet of the game you may ask? The best side in the perfect pairs blackjack is a profit! Of course, if you will be able to win it. This side bet will be very important in the result of the round - if you win, you may get more money than with traditional bet. Let us explain how this side bet works and what to expect from its placing:

  • If the player has a mixed pair, like King of Hearts and King of Clubs for example, the player wins 5 to 1 from the original special perfect pairs bet.
  • If the player has colored pair, like King of Hearts and King of Diamonds, the player wins 10 to 1 from the original special perfect pairs bet.
  • If the pair is perfect, like two Kings of Hearts, the player wins30 to 1 from the original special perfect pairs bet!

All other rules are completely the same as in original blackjack, and the dealt pair can even be splitted if the player wants to do so.

The Perfect Pairs blackjack is a risky game because it depends completely on player's luck! But, if you are lucky, it will completely payoff by 5,10 or even 30 times!

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